About Ichor's World!

Ichor is the god of his universe contained within the net. It's a wonderous place of mystery and intrigue, a colorful world indeed. All who resides in Ichor's World match what their universe is, they have various quirks and strange pieces to them, they don't tick like humans do. It's a digital wonderland out there, so why not go exploring!

Ichor, the Digital God

Surf the net, catch a virus or two, and make sure to keep your background on Bliss!

Sapient Races

The Cyberpus is the intelligence of Ichor's World, they come in many varieties and colors. They are a very peaceful race, they heavily dislike wars and violence as they believe death is not a way to get to what one wants to achieve.

The Acid Pixie is another benevolent race in Ichor's World. They are the source of all the color and sound in the universe, they are in the quadrillions in population. They can turn into iridescent humanoids with huge wings, but prefer their butterfly forms.